The End of ’07

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I haven’t really thought about New Year resolutions, but I am thinking that one thing I’m going to have to add to my list is blogging more regularly! Let’s see, the last time I blogged, I had just landed in Salt Lake City for Tobin’s brother’s wedding. Why didn’t I write more you ask? Well because I got super sick. Yeah, story of my life. I was fine Thursday but come Friday night I started feeling really sick, then for the wedding (that – combined with the rehearsal – I took 700+ pics at), I was running a super high fever. Ugh. I didn’t really feel better ’till the last week or so as my sinus congestion has finally decided to die down, and I only have a straggling cough. So what happened in this time I was sick? A whole heck of a lot! I’ll discuss them below.

happyCouplePeter and Lisa got married. Yep, Tobin’s brother Peter, married Lisa. We all really like her and wish them all the best. They live in Salt Lake City (though not Mormons), and it was all snowy and beautiful for the wedding. They got married in a very beautiful building in a garden. It was very nice. We had a fun time connecting with all the extended family. Well Tobin had fun – I had no voice, so I didn’t connect THAT much. We were in Salt Lake City from Thursday through Sunday morning, and on the way out of SLC, we ran into Peter and Lisa (and Asher and Tim for that matter) in the airport! We all sat down to some Starbucks together – it was fun. I sure wish that I could’ve been heading to Hawaii though instead of Seattle! :) Lucky couple.

IMG_4594aMargie Lou and Kevin got engaged. My sister is going to get married, YAY!!! We really love Kevin and are really excited for him and ML. Kevin has a lot in common with me – he graduated in ’99 (good year, and that’s from HS, not college). Got his Bachelor of Science in CS, and a Masters too. Yeah we talk a lot about Rails/Ruby and programming in general. You can see his Rails-programmed site here: Margie Lou’s ring is GORGEOUS! They want to get married ASAP (so we’re looking at June or so). I’m thinking that as the maid matron of honor (eww that makes me sound old), I’ll be doing a lot of wedding planning… :) We’ll see. I already have plans for a wedding database like the one I built for myself (and was very handy I might add).

tobinReindeerTobin and I became the new leaders of our church’s youth group. We inherited the youth group (Illuminate) from Terry and Christina Fritsch. This is going to be a lot of work and we’re pretty scared concerned about this whole turn of events – but it’s a great group of students, and over the past four years we’ve been helping with the youth it’s been awesome. If you haven’t already seen the youth site, head over to, and check it out.

Stephen and Heather sold their house. Well at least I think it’s almost sold. Yay!

I got 4 days off for Christmas! If you count Saturday and Sunday. We really had a low-key Christmas here at home. I think that with the hustle and bustle of life lately, it was a nice change. I made a roast turkey breast with mashed potatoes and rolls – and it really hit the spot! Oh and it actually snowed here in Seattle on Christmas (I read that that’s the first time Seattle’s had a white Christmas in over a decade).

Tonight we had our first leadership meeting for Illuminate. 6 student leaders, an adult, and Tobin and I sat down to dinner and discussed our plans for the future of the youth group. I think we got a lot accomplished and I’m excited about what is in store for Illuminate!

So that brings you up to speed. Life has been CRAZYBUSY, but it’s been good (ok without the sick part). I’ll try to be a tad more regular with my postings in the future. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and have a very Happy New Year!

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  • LISA says:

    I’ll leave you a comment Tammie! We were happy you guys were able to be at the wedding. I didn’t even know you were sick until Sunday when you guys left at the airport! I’m soooo sorry – and you still looked beautiful and played it off well. ;o) I love the photo you posted and can’t wait to see the rest. The photographer finally posted our photos today. You can see them at: and use the password Springs2007.

    Your upclose photo was well appreciated. I haven’t looked at all 999 photos yet, but a lot of them were further back. Thanks for taking the extra photos and I did recommend the photographer to contact you awhile back because he wants to redo his website. I think he has started:

    Take care and get well! Life is great so far and Hawaii was awesome.

  • Margie Lou says:

    Hey so you mentioned a wedding website… I was just wondering if we (or you) could start that? I’m so excited to come see you next weekend! :) I love you and miss you!

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