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I was a bit late in getting to work today – in part due to the fact that yesterday was TUESDAY (our big day). We could not drag ourselves out of bed at a decent hour we were so tired (but youth last night went great!). Anyways I noticed the moon was gorgeous as I drove to work, so I decided that if it was still above the horizon by the time I hit Des Moines, I’d drive down to the water and take some pics before going to work. (For some reason I actually had my nice camera with me today.) Well the moon was still up and I took some pics of that and some gorgeous pics of the Mountain but boy was it cold!


So that’s a pic I took before work – just as the sun was rising. I put in my full day at work (and it was a long one), and realized when I left that the sun was setting (so sad), so I drove back down to the marina and took some more shots. See them all here.



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