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The other day we felt like doing something, perhaps a quick road trip, so we called up my parents and asked them what their plans were. They were going to ride their bike to Chelan so we tagged along behind in our car. I’m not sure Tobin had ever made the trip to Chelan from Ephrata before, so he got to see some new scenery. The kids were great on the way up – Ransom slept the whole time, and Evangeline had fun looking out the window – even spotting a deer at one point.


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Once we made it to Chelan, we stopped for coffee, and Evangeline had fun trying on Grandma’s motorcycle helmet and do-rag. Ransom was quite a hit – we had several people stop and exclaim how long his hair was – especially for such a little guy. :) Yes, we agree, the hair is pretty cool.


IMG_1147Of course no trip is complete now without a visit to some “toys”, so we drove down to Lakeshore Park so Evangeline could have some fun. She had a blast with Grandpa catching her at the bottom of the slide, and swinging her on the swings. She really wanted to touch the water, but that was ruled out when we realized that there was no beach, just a retaining wall to the water. No thanks.

IMG_1145We checked out another park in Chelan – it ended up being mostly just a boat launch, but we did discover a pretty cool walking trail along the water above the dam. If we would have had more time, we would have walked more of it, but as it was, we were out of time, and kids needed to go to sleep! We ate Express Specials at Safeway and then headed home. My parents stayed behind enjoying their ice cream bars. The assumption was we had driven ourselves up there, we should be able to make it home fine. Unfortunately, Tobin and I discovered that we really need an atlas of WA as our cell phones had NO coverage, and apparently we weren’t paying good enough attention when we were following my parents. Long story short, we took a left where we should have taken a right, and 2 screaming kids and several hours later we were home. Not fun. I can assure you we won’t make that mistake again! :)

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