Canal Walk

IMG_8476 IMG_8466In the course of one of our conversations today, my mother mentioned that the canal is filling up again with irrigation water. The canal is a hop, skip and a jump from our house, but we can’t see into it as we’re below it. Anyways, I thought it might be fun to take a short walk and see the water. Called my parents, they were in, so around 5:30 or so tonight we went for a quick walk. IMG_8482We started with Ransom in the stroller and Viviene in the frontpack, but we weren’t even out of the loop yet before Ransom decided it would be much more fun to RUN than to be cooped up in the stroller. So he hopped out and basically didn’t stop running ’till we got home. :) IMG_8488

Sure enough there was water in the canal – in fact it was mostly full. What a great thing. Growing up it always seemed that the two indicators of spring were the Sandhill Cranes flying North and the canal filling up with water. I haven’t heard the Sandhill Cranes yet (we did see them flying South going into winter), but Spring is almost here – Google tells me Thursday is the first day of Spring. Hooray.

IMG_8491There is quite a mole issue in the field South of our neighborhood. Apparently they trapped 7 the first night they started trying to eradicate them. Man I hope they succeed. We had moles in Tukwila, and it seemed like just when we’d get rid of one, another would move in and wreck even more havoc on our yard. Well anyways, the moles have apparently tunneled underneath the irrigation ditch and the kids really enjoyed stomping on their mounds.

IMG_8514 IMG_8517

Daddy snapped a picture of our family, so here’s the most current family photo of all of us. :) Viviene was mostly happy hanging out on Tobin. She got a little concerned a few times, but other than the very end, she was pretty happy. She was especially happy when Grandpa started making faces at her. Boy she just lit up. She really loves her Grandpa! :)


Isn’t she cute? :)


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