Peter & Lisa recently welcomed their third child – Naomi Gloria into their family and Tobin’s mother Carol has been with them the last two weeks helping to hold the fort down. Today she traded places with Greg (who’s been holding the fort down in Anacortes – and leading their church plant in Carol’s absence). On her way home, she swung by Ephrata for church, and then came out to our house to meet Viviene, see Ransom and Evangeline and eat lunch.

IMG_8591It was a good time. Viviene napped the entire time Tobin, Evangeline and Ransom were at church, which was really nice for her mother. :) Tobin bbq’d up some chicken, asparagus, and potatoes – it was super tasty.

Carol brought some birthday presents for me (yay!), and some 3-month presents for Viviene. :) We both made out quite well. Then she read the kids Dragons Love Tacos which was a big hit for the kids. By the time the book was finished, Viviene was done being awake, as were the other two kids. So we wished Mimi a safe trip and she was off, and all the kids were off to bed. (They’re still asleep – nearly 2 hours later – we’ll see how long this lasts!)

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