Hooray for Spring!

One thing I really like about Ephrata as opposed to say Seattle is the very distinct seasons. Seattle has the rainy warmer season and the rainy cooler season. Ephrata has four very distinct seasons. This Winter seemed so long – perhaps longer than normal with all the sickness and the sleepless nights thanks to #3, but now it’s Spring – the last season to go until Summer – I can’t wait. :)


IMG_8640Flowers are starting to bloom. The birds are singing. The kids can finally get out and play in the yard which makes their mother VERY happy. We’ve gone out andplayed in the yard (which is beginning to green up – we’ve already mowed once) the last couple of days. It’s been great.

Yesterday we ate lunch on the front porch (it faces South and is a pretty good windblock), and it was so warm we even took off our shoes and socks and soaked up some sun barefoot.


The kids had a blast throwing the aerobie (that they rediscovered in our flower garden).

IMG_8625Yesterday we also got out for a walk (just Evangeline, Ransom and I – Viviene stayed home with Daddy), and as we walked past the park we heard two owls hooting to each other. We walked to the tree where the closest owl was calling from and saw him. I’m sure it was one of the great horned owls that I saw awhile back in our tree. That was pretty fun. Then last night I heard it hooting away in our trees. Fun.

View the pics I took yesterday here.