Life – February ’14

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February was a pretty quiet month for us. Actually all the months since Viviene has been born have been pretty quiet – other than her being colicky. :( We haven’t gone out much in an attempt to stay healthy, yet here we are every 2 weeks like clockwork sick again. Ugh.



The highlight of the month was probably the goats grazing in the fields around our house. Once a goat got out into our backyard, but the fence the shepherd used this year was a tad more substantial than the one the shepherd last year with the sheep used. We had sheep grazing in our backyard several times last year (not that we minded one bit!). :)

The worst part about the sheep was also one of the coolest – the Great Pyrenees dogs that guarded the herd. There were 3 of them and they were excellent guard dogs! For the days that the goats were behind our house I didn’t even really venture out the back door without getting barked at. So if you were wondering why all the goat pictures are from quite a distance, that’s why. The closest I got to the goats was when I snuck out quietly and hid behind a tree so the dogs couldn’t see me (initially).


Peter and Lisa brought their kids down right at the beginning of the month. It was so cold out we IMG_8118 really didn’t go out at all, but it was a nice and cozy time inside. Lisa is due to have a baby at the beginning of March, so we knew it would be the last time pre-baby we’d see each other. So many babies! :)

IMG_7862Stephen, Heather, Claire and Corbin came over one afternoon. It was a pretty fun for the kids! I sewed the kids masks for halloween and then a Tiger mask for basketball, and Evangeline, Claire and Ransom were running all over as the Unicorn, Tiger and Dragon. I’ll have to make some more masks. That’s been pretty fun.
IMG_7877I took the kids outside on the days that weren’t unbearably cold. (That’s when I got the pics of the kids playing in the leaves, and the header pic.)

I also had a birthday this month. Ugh. Another year older. For those of you counting, I’m <gasp> 33 now. Ancient I know. (But not nearly as old as Tobin!) :)

Did I mention that the kids love having a little sister?


Here are all the pictures from February:

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