Spring Break – Day 1

Tobin’s on his Spring Break so we’re determined to do something photo-worthy each day. I had grand dreams of hiking 5 miles at Ancient Lakes, but Tobin was apparently thinking more along the lines of something we could walk to from our house. So – day one, the canal.


Ransom kept saying “Up the hill?!” He was so excited to walk up and see the water. Usually if there’s a stitch of wind, the canal bank is really cold but today – at least for the duration of the walk – the wind died down, and it was the perfect spring day.



There has been a herd of cows grazing the hills across the canal for months now (we can hear them from our house). For these poor cows, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. There’s a lush hayfield on the other side of their fence. One very lucky cow got through the fence and has the whole hayfield to itself. :)



Evangeline got to use our ancient Canon point and shoot camera. She was elated to say the least. She snapped some decent pictures. Looks like she may have inherited the photography gene from the Correll side of the family. She’ll fit right in. :)

I think this was the first time we put Viviene in this particular backpacker (after 3 kids we’ve accumulated a variety of baby-carrying devices). Unlike the first couple she’s tried, for some reason she LIKES this baby backpack – even falling asleep in it at Walmart when we went earlier in the day. Hooray! My dreams of hikes away from our house may actually come to fruition. We’ll see.

We made it all the way to the bridge and back. It was fun! All the photos here.


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