Spring Break – Day 2

Another Spring Break Day, another day that Tobin wanted to stay close to home. Since we did the Canal walk yesterday, today we walked the perimeter of the hay field behind our house.



On the way out of the loop we visited the Owl Tree as the kids have named it, and saw our friendly owl couple (a pair of great-horned owls that I assume has a nest in the tree). Fun. Then we had to go “UP THE HILL” to see the “WATERFALL” (Ransom’s words). Translated, that’s up on the canal bank to see the irrigation runoff back into the canal. :) The kids may also have thrown a couple of rocks in the canal, but that’s purely speculation. ;)

IMG_9049After seeing the canal, we walked back off the canal bank and walked North on Frey around the hay field. It was pretty fun – though there wasn’t any water running yet in the ditch. (Though there is some in the holding pond at the corner of 17.7 and Frey.)

We walked past the hay stacks that are slowly dwindling (always sad to see them go), and then came back on the road behind Browns.

Here’s our house from the NW side of the hay field.


Thank you Jesus for blessing us with this house!

Viviene fell asleep for most of the walk (this is an amazing development), but woke up near the end – happy as a clam.


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