Spring Break – Day 3

Hooray! A photo-worthy trip OUTSIDE walking distance of our house! Tobin finally acquiesced to my relentless nagging, and we loaded up in the car Рand drove to Soap Lake for a real hike.


We’ve done this hike before – in 2011, and 2012 – I was in the throes of nausea at this time last year, so we didn’t do it last year. In 2011 I was pretty pregnant with Ransom. It’s amazing what can change in 3 years… We have 2 new members of our family since the first time we did this hike!


IMG_9097The days have been pretty cool in the mornings, so we’ve been waiting until the late afternoon – after naps – to do our activities. Fortunately the afternoon was once again nice (though maybe not as nice as Monday). Ransom and Evangeline hiked most of the way out to the concrete platform. Tobin backpacked Viviene, and I had the empty backpack. Lucky for Tobin, Viviene fell asleep and I ended up packing Ransom back. Well that’s one way to really get the rest of the baby weight off. Nothing like hiking around carrying an extra 40+ pounds on your back!




The kids snacked at the platform and had a fun time running around and looking at the lake. Then we walked down to the lake and that was even more fun. :) There were even suds on the shore of the lake.

IMG_9195The hike back we took a different route – it was much more of a hike back (than the walk on a gravel road out). I suspect we were probably the first fools to hike this particular path this year so a bit of bushwhacking was also involved. And here I am trying to keep my footing with Ransom on my back. Not cool. It very quickly became apparent to me that we should have either swapped kids, or taken the road back (and made Ransom walk it himself). Oh well. I made it.

The sun was pretty low as we hiked back, so the lighting was beautiful. We all had a great time. As we loaded up Evangeline asked me if we could do this hike every single day. :) That’s my girl.


Photos here.