Hi and thanks for stopping by! I’m Tammie Springs and this is my site. 12187728_533142771879_1118700228217905575_n

I live in Eastern Washington with my husband, and a couple of kids. I work remotely as a web developer.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from Central Washington University with a minor in Math, and a Master of Science degree in Computer Systems from City University.

As I find the time, I enjoy photography, playing the piano/singing, cooking, baking, sewing, quilting, and reading.

In the Spring of 2015 I decided to get healthy and lose weight (prompted by the impending wedding of my sister-in-law). I read some books, stopped eating sugar and flour and my whole outlook on food changed. Rather than relying on doctors to fix my problems after they’re noticeable I decided I wanted to take matters more into my own hands and get healthy through food and more natural treatments. It worked. I lost 25 pounds and got back to my college weight (and below). Back then I was swimming on swim team and working out all the time, this time I swam during the summer and tried to live a more active lifestyle (kids help with that), but that was about it. I’ve maintained the weight loss for nearly a year and feel great.

You can find me on the web here:

Thanks for stopping by! :)